Re-Roofing Services

Re-Roofing Construction
Payne & Sons Roofing and Construction has a longstanding presence in the re-roofing market. The majority of re-roofing refers to shingle re-roofs. We quickly come to the jobsite, remove the existing roof if needed, and install the new roof in an expedited and clean manner. We also ensure that your roof will be protected overnight and on the weekends, thus giving you the peace of mind you want, especially during the monsoon season.

Payne & Sons Roofing and Construction also has performed many tile roof re-felts. The majority of tile roofing underlayment will only last 25-35 years. Once the underlayment has deteriorated, replacement becomes necessary, even when the tiles themselves are still in good condition. We have two exceptional options for our customers that have their tile roof underlayment replaced: the first is a replacement using 40 pound felt liner which carries a warranty of 10 years, and the second is utilizing 2 layers of 40 pound felt liner, which carries a lifetime warranty (non-transferable) for leak protection on the home.

When it comes to flat roofs, we also have the expertise to take care of your needs. We install only the highest quality products for Mesa roofing, which allows us to maintain our incredible warranty. We utilize many different coatings, including cold applied roofing, self-adhering flat roofing (SA-AV and SA-AP), single ply, as well as many others. These offerings allow us to service both the residential and commercial markets.

We service the Phoenix metro area.