Tile Roofing – Why they are a great choice for AZ homes.

A good roof is not just any roof… it’s a tile roof.

Just ask the tile roof expert- Payne & Sons.

Tile Roof AZPayne & Sons are the go-to tile-roofing experts in Phoenix, AZ. Their reputation relies on their referral base of businesses and neighborhoods in the Phoenix area. Payne & Sons are not only experts of tile roofing but their roofers specialize and are trained in the Phoenix roofing tile trade.

The Basics
Just because you have a roof over your head does not mean it is the right roof. Your Mesa roof decking (the wood underneath that supports the roofing materials) must match your tile and your tile much match your roof. What does this mean exactly?

It takes a trained specialist like the Payne & Sons roofing team to recognize which type of tile roofing is most effective and efficient for your home. The type of tiling used on your house or building is dependent the structure of your roof. This where the Payne & Sons roofing team comes in handy. Their highly skilled workers will diagnosis and prescribe durable and proper tile roofing for your home or building!

There are some cases where a home has a tile roof already but structurally, it is too heavy for long term safety and performance on your building. Other times,  tiles have been installed that are the correct weight for your roof, but they are improperly installed.  Poor installation can create unintentional problems down the road.

Simply put– a roof is the outer most part of building and houses that shields us from wind and rain and protect us from the heat and cold. The material and construction of roofs are very important because they contribute to, not only, the durability of your roof but to its efficiency and effectiveness. It is important that your keep your roof up-to-date to prevent unnecessary damage and wear-n-tear on your house or building.

Why tile roofing?
Tile roofing was first used by the Chinese and Dutch and is known not only for aesthetic elegance but for its durability. Payne & Sons offers three types of tile roofing: clay tiles, concrete tiles & energy efficient tiles.

 Authentic Clay Tile RoofAuthentic clay tiles absorb less heat and release heat more quickly than asphalt shingles and concrete tiles.  It takes a skilled roofer to install clay tiles to ensure they are water tight and will last for years to come. Authentic clay tiles are still hand made and that means there are extra details to pay attention to during the installation process. Authentic clay tile roofs are aesthetically beautiful and are a great investment for your home.

Eagle Walnut Creek blend

Concrete tiles are made of sand, cement and water has a life expectancy of 50 years. The use of concrete is becoming more popular. There are different styles and colors to choose from.  You can even find light weight concrete tiles for homes that want the sleek look of concrete tiles but need to have roofing material that won’t weigh down the roof deck.

What ever your preference is in the look of concrete tile,Payne & Sons experts can help you pick the perfect color &  style to compliment your home. You can choose from flat tiles, flat textured tiles, ‘S’ shaped tiles in both a low profile and normal profile.

Energy efficient tiles are exactly that:  ENERGY EFFICIENT. With the use of modern materials, these roofing tiles  help to keep your house warm during the cold and cool during the heat.

Be proactive and contact the Payne & Sons roofing team for a roof consultation. Help them help you to stay cool and save money this summer!