How to Protect Your Roof from Arizona Monsoons

We will be here rain or shine, but will your Roof?

Arizona monsoonWind, rain, heat and sun can be detrimental to the functionality of your roof especially if your roofing is over 20 years old.

In Arizona, the weather in addition to the desert environment really takes a toll on your roof causing damage not only to the exterior tiling or roofing shingles but to the underlayment. The underlayment is the middle protecting layer between the wood foundation and the tile roofing.

Payne & Sons is here to help you protect yourself and your house from the extreme mood swings of Arizona weather, also known as Monsoons.

Monsoons are native to Arizona and natural phenomenon that can neither be prevented nor predicted which is why we must be prepared!

Monsoons are seasonal winds notorious for their partnership with heavy rains. These heavy winds pick up debris, dust, dirt and rocks that can easily cause damage to the roof surface (the tile shingles).  The tiles can get broken, moved, and crushed by the monstrous monsoon winds. Once the tiles are moved and the underlayment is exposed it is subject to rips, tears and holes that can lead to water leakage, mold, wood rotting and insect infestations.

In our fast pace, technologically advanced society materials, equipment and technique are improving exponentially every decade. Today the materials used to manufacture tile is more durable than it was 20 years ago. It is our recommendation that your have your roof inspected for damage before the next monsoon season. Payne & Sons wants to help you to be proactive and prevent future Phoenix roof damage repair.

Payne & Sons roofing team is  not only Phoenix’s roofing tile experts – we are highly skilled in the Mesa Roof repair, maintenance  and installation of many of roofing materials that can be effected by monsoon damage.  The best way to protect your roof from damage caused by Arizona Monsoons is to call us and have us take care of your roof BEFORE monsoon season.

Our  reputation of respect and reliability throughout the community is not just talk.  It is how we live. It is part of the difference you will experience when you contact us.   Help us to help you be prepared before the monsoons hit again.

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Phoenix Roofing Contractor Shares Insights on AZ Sun and Your Roof

Ain’t No Sun Hot Enough to Penetrate Payne & Sons Tile Roofing!

Arizona Sun Sunshine and rain can be detrimental to the effectiveness of your roof especially if your roofing is over 15 years old!  Payne & Sons is here to lend you a helping hand and give you a boost by reaching your roofing problems and providing skilled solutions once and for all.

Weather and the environment, like wind, rain and debris can easily penetrate the tiles and deteriorate the underlayment. The underlayment is the waterproof, heavy-duty paper that acts as a protective barrier between the roofing materials and the plywood foundation (deck).  If the roofing materials were not properly installed on your roof, the  weather conditions in Arizona can cause holes, rips and tears that in turn promote mold growth, wood rot, and bug infestation into your home. It takes a trained eye to spot defective and deteriorated underlayment. The wear age can be 15 years or less depending on how well the tile was laid on your roof.

If your roofing is over 15 years old it is very likely that the sun has penetrated your roofing and damaged the underlayment. This leaves your roof vulnerable to Monsoon weather and desert heat. Sunshine is an essential component to life but can be burdensome when it comes to Arizona heat, especially on our roofs.

Today’s technological advances in the roofing industry have allowed the production of energy efficient tiling and protective water proof barriers. The  underlayment used today is also much more state of the art than what was being manufactured 15 to 20 years ago. Installing a new Phoenix roof with the modified tiles absorbs less heat and readily relinquishes the heat from the hot Arizona sun.  New materials available today  aid in keeping your home cool and covered.

Knowing that… what about the Mesa tile roofs installed 15 years (or more) ago. How do they hold up to the heat of the sun?

Let’s Get to the Facts!

1.  Arizona is a desert.
2.  Arizona sun is very intense, dry heat.
3.  Old or poor roofing is easily deteriorated by the intensity of the sun’s heat rays.
4. Most tile roofs installed in the Phoenix area over 15 years ago were made with materials that time has now shown, have broken down under the heat of our sun.
5. Payne & Sons roofing team is trained to diagnose the damage that an untrained eye would overlook.

The damage often is under the roof tiles and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Evidence of that deteriorated  waterproofing layer does show up though… as stains, leaks and water marks inside your attic, walls and interior of your home.

Our team will help you choose the best option to satisfy your roofing needs.

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